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Since its inception in 2016, TikTok has been a place where people could come and express themselves, interact with others and sometimes even learn something new. The social media platform allows users to create, share and discover short videos which often feature music in the background and can be sped up, slowed down, or edited with a filter. During the rise of COVID-19 (specifically the early period when countries across the world got locked down), TikTok gained an abundance of new users. With those users came a multitude of new challenges, official sounds and dance trends that have taken over the globe.

The “I Like” challenge is one of the dance trends that would fit into the category. The name of the trend comes from its soundtrack, the 1988 hit “I Like” by legendary R&B trio, Guy. The super fun and catchy dance was choreographed by creator @elidadonn. It’s so fun and catchy in fact that over 490,000 creations have been made under the #ILikeChallenge hashtag. The hashtag has over 25.1 million views.

The combination of the infectious track and the accompanying dance have had users testing their moves just about any and everywhere you could imagine. We’ve seen people participate at gas stations, with teammates after games and even at their proms. As with any other trend, you can’t forget about the celebrities. Some of those celebrities, who happen to be TikTok favorites also, couldn’t resist joining in on the trend. Lizzo, Skai Jackson, Shenseea and even Big Latto have been a few of the celebrities that decided to showcase their versions of the viral challenge.

One of the original members of Guy, world-renowned songwriter Teddy Riley came back from a year and a half break from TikTok to publicly show appreciation to @elidadonn for starting the dance trend. As a “thank you” for the massive support the TikTok community is showing the song and group, he also announced that he would be duetting some of the best #ILikeChallenge creations.

The official sound has also spawned a new trend. Creators are using “I Like” and the “Would You Rather?” filters to choose between their celebrity crushes. It’s obvious that the TikTok community loves a good old-school bop. This isn’t the first throwback R&B hit to become a sound for a viral trend. “I Like” follows previous challenges created to “Poison” by Bel Biv Devoe and “Breakin’ My Heart” by Mint Condition.

What’s your favorite TikTok dance trend?  What classic R&B song would you want to see be the sound for the next one? Are you a fan of the #ILikeChallenege? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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