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Woman holds balloons in shape of numbers 2022 and celebrating New Year

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Can you believe it? 2022 is almost here!  This year, Americans were delivered a number of unprecedented setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic. Black Americans, in particular, were among the communities that were drastically impacted by the disease, with a record number of Black workers losing their jobs, and millions of Black families suffering from evictions due to the tragic virus. To say we need a bit of luck moving forward into 2022 would be an understatement. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping that the pandemic will eventually come to an end and that the new year will bring us wealth, prosperity, and more time to spend with our loved ones.

Luckily, Black folks have been implementing all types of luck-stirring new year traditions throughout centuries. So, if you’re planning to get together with the family this year, try whipping up one of these tasty meals or implementing some of these strategies to help bring in a whole pot full of luck for 2022.

1.  Black-Eyed Peas

We love Blacked-eyed peas and rice so much, that we published a whole op-ed piece about just how much we can’t get enough of sinking our teeth into the tasty holiday delicacy.

There are a couple of theories about the delicious cowpea, the central ingredient behind the dish. Some sources believe that as the peas boil to perfection in the pot, that the dense aroma and swelling of the tasty legume are said to symbolize abundance and prosperity for the new year. You can also add tomatoes to the dish, which can help to usher in a boatload of luck in terms of health and wellness for 2022.

Rice and black eyed peas with cumin and mustard seeds topped with fresh cilantro

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2. Collard Greens

Collard Greens go perfect with that steamy pot of black-eyed peas. The rich dark green color of the vegetable can symbolize wealth and prosperity for the new year, so make sure to eat up!

Collard greens

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3. Cornbread

There’s nothing like diving face-first into a sweet buttery piece of cornbread during new year’s dinner. Luckily for you, chopping down on a few pieces of the fluffy treat could help bring you more disposable income in 2022, according to USA Today.

Cornbread cut into cubes in a bowl

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4. Red Velvet Cake 

Who doesn’t love Red Velvet cake! The rich and creamy dessert has been a staple in so many black families for centuries and you just might be able to get lucky with the sweet goodie too. Red Velvet cake can symbolize new beginnings and even more wisdom for the new year, so get your sweet on this holiday season…we’ll not too much!

Red velvet cake slices with knife.

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5. Spending Time With Family

Life is unfortunately too short, so if you can do so safely, make sure to spend time with your family for new years day. There’s nothing like ushering in the new year with the people who mean the most to you.

Mother and daughters embracing at home

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6. Making New Year Resolutions

While you’re with the fam, start jotting down some new year resolutions you’d like to complete for 2022. Ask your family members to hold you accountable too, because you know nana and paw-paw won’t forget it either! Want to make more money in 2022? Write it down with your sister and brother. Want to buy that house? Start creating that budget, and bring mom in on the fun so that she can start managing her funds better too!

African American woman counting money in living room

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7. Chitterlings

Now, this one might be up for debate, but some Black folks just love chitterlings. What are they you ask? Well… simply put, they’re pig intestines. Some Black families add a butt-ton of seasoning to a simmering pot of these stinky old things and go to town. While it might sound unpleasant, there are some benefits to eating the smelly dish. According to LiveStrong, some evidence suggests that the vitamin selenium found in chitterlings can help with reducing heart disease and asthma while helping to give your immune system a nice boost for the new year.

Renee Allen cooks chitterlings in her Exeter home. This is for a Black History Month story.02/05/11 Susan L. Angstadt

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8. Cleaning The House

This is big! Clean out that clutter and space for 2022! Have a bunch of items laying around the house that you simply do not use anymore? Donate them! Declutter everything. A clean house is a happy house, and making sure your living quarters are in tip-top shape for 2022 will help to keep your mind clear and focused on smashing those new year resolutions. So, what are you waiting for? Get going!

View from above of clean dishes in dishwasher.

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What are some of your favorite new year traditions? Tell us down below!

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