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President Barack Obama made a special appearance on the Discovery Channel’s popular program “Mythbusters” last night.

Now that the prez has appeared on both “The View” and “Mythbusters,” what other shows should he make time in his busy schedule for?

Our friends over at TVSquad.com wrote a letter to the President with a few suggestions of shows that he should consider appearing on.

1. Glee

It’s pretty clear that your popularity could use a boost. Well, ‘Glee’ is about the most popular show on television right now. Ryan Murphy isn’t exactly shy about stunt episodes, so I’m sure he could fit you in. Possible songs for you to sing: Re-Flex’s ‘The Politics of Dancing,’ Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids in America‘ and … well, pretty much anything by The Presidents of the United States.”

2. Modern Family

“Given the multicultural background of your own family, this show seems like a natural fit for you. For added kicks, you can ask John Boehner to appear with you and then make him fetch something from the second floor of the Dunphy household. More laughs than a St. Patrick’s Day political breakfast!”

3. Sons Of Anarchy

“Getting some of your legislation through Congress has been tough, even with what was once a supermajority. But just think how much easier your work could have been had Clay, Jax and Gemma had your back? If SAMCRO rolled into the chamber during a big vote, I’m pretty sure the House of Representatives would fall in line fairly quickly. And you know Tara would have your back in anything healthcare-related.”

Read the rest of TV Squad’s selections on TVSquad.com!

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