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The promoter of a controversial Nicki Minaj concert in Trinidad has spoken out in defense of the pricey concert, which caused friction between members of the government earlier this week.

Promoter Daryl Braxton and his independent, Trinidad-based record label D Project Records brought Nicki Minaj over for the concert, which took place on October 8th.

The concert draw condemnation from Diego Martin`s Central MP Amery Browne, who called for an audit of the event, which totaled $825,000 including $382,000 to Nicki and her entourage.

“People need to understand that the ‘Rep Your Colors/Localize Itt’ concert was not about packing the stadium and making a million dollars for ourselves,” D Project Records’ CEO Daryl Braxton said.

“It was a strategic investment in ourselves and our talent,” Braxton added. “Like her or not, Nicki Minaj is ours and not because we claimed her, but because she claimed us as her own! The fact that she’s currently at the top of her game makes it even sweeter.”

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