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You really didn’t need the magical ability to see in the future to know this case had no legs whatsoever. An ex-drummer for Beyoncé restraining order request alleging that King Bey was using “dark magic” and “extreme witchcraft” to sexually molest her and other ridiculous accusations will not be moving forward. 

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Bey’s powers are too strong apparently.

Thursday, Kimberly Thompson who made the outrageous claims first reported by The Blast that her former employer was making her life miserable by tapping her phones, controlling her finances and even killed her kitten on top of the claims of “dark magic” use failed to show up in court. Her absence resulted in her restraining order being denied by the judge.

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Per Page Six:

“Thompson’s request for a temporary restraining order was denied by a judge, pending a hearing, which was Thursday’s event. Because she didn’t show up, the judge dismissed the entire case. No one appeared on behalf of Beyoncé.”

The fact no one even bothered to show up on behalf of the “Lemonade” singer is telling enough on just how seriously they took these accusations. We won’t be surprised if Illuminati conspiracist chalk Thompson not showing up to court to the strength of Beyoncé’s dark magic skills.

We just think she didn’t want to feel the wrath of the Bey Hive honestly.


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