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Lawrence is back on Insecure, but we knew that! We pick up tonight’s episode from last week’s awkward post-Coachella run in between Lawrence and Issa and they exchange minor pleasantries about what they’ve been up to. Of course, they both downplay life but it seems that Lawrence has been quite the busy bee, smashing and dashing literally everyone with a vagina. He’s basically still trying to sex the post-breakup pain away. But unfortunately for him, he got chlamydia in the process. Hold that thought.

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Meanwhile, Issa is working on throwing a block party as a new business venture to help do something positive in her neighborhood. This is a move that was inspired (in part) and supported by Nathan. So far he really seems to be in Issa’s corner and they have a sweet moment where Nathan asks her how she knows when it’s real and then he tells her that he really likes her. Issa’s like is mutual and in her world, you just know when it’s real. So there’s that.

#NathanNavy be like…


Back to Lawrence. He links up with Chad and Derek to talk about life and he admits that he’s embarrassed by his behavior lately and really wants to make a change. Calm down, he and Issa becoming a thing probably again isn’t happening. He reveals that he no longer has ill feelings toward her, but he also hasn’t looked at her the same way since she cheated. Chad’s stupid arse has the nerve to call Issa a hoe but Lawrence calls him out because he’s definitely a cheater too. The fuq?! Anyway, Issa Rae once mentioned that this season will examine toxic masculinity and we are definitely seeing bits and pieces of that surface because Chad tried it. You can’t be the pot calling the kettle black.


Back to Issa. She gets a call from Lyft saying there’s an open investigation involving an assault in her vehicle. Remember when Nathan faded that big disrespectful dude? Yeah, that. Issa texts Nathan and mentions that but he doesn’t even respond.


Now we’re at Tiffany’s baby shower where Issa, Molly and Kellie meet Tiff’s bourgie friends, whom she refers to as “the crazy crew,” who also planned the shower. They don’t really know these girls and this is where drama in the inner friend circle starts to unfold. At one point, Kelli storms out of the shower causing Issa and Molly to run after her. Kelli reveals that feels like she’s losing her best friend to a baby, but you also wonder if there’s some jealousy there too. You know, Kelli acts tough and all, but perhaps she wants family life too? Anyway, Tiffany finds them and asks swithat’ up and they all mention that they feel some type of way about not being asked to plan the shower. Tiffany says they were so caught up in their own life drama and didn’t even offer so she felt her other girls, particularly Blaire, who is a mother, would actually be more helpful. Tiffany mentioning Blaire makes Kelli feel worse because it’s rubbing in the fact that she’s not a mother.

There are fractures in this group and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Lawrence and Issa com face to face again and talk. It’s not awkward this time and Lawrence even offers to help Issa with some of the business nuances of the block party she’s planning. Cheers to growth. Molly finds out that Dro’s wife is pregnant (Dro and his wife are at the shower) and definitely feels some type of way but it’s hard to feel bad for Molly because just earlier she was playing Andrew, Nathan’s Asian friend that she met at Coachella who is clearly interested, to the left.


Finally, the episode ends with Issa getting a call from Lyft to let her know that they closed the investigation. They spoke to Nathan and he gave them a statement. Now Issa is really like wtf because she still hasn’t heard from him. So like…did this grown arse man ghost her? Are we still ghosting over 30?


So much for the #NathanNavy.


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