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Screenshot From Video

In a video posted on her Facebook account, NeNe Judge’Mayo writes that the confrontation happened in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Mass. According to her, as soon as she pulled her motorcycle over, the white man approached her and began shouting at her, telling her to get out of his neighborhood.

Warning: There is a lot of strong language in the video.

“You’re not bringing this f*cking sh*t into my neighborhood,” the man yells. “I’m not being f*cking shot,” he continues.

“With what? I don’t have a gun,” Judge’Mayo responds;’ but the man is obviously not listening.

He then threatens to knock her out and Judge’Mayo dares him to do it.

It’s unclear who called 9-1-1, but flashing police lights in the video show a cop car was present throughout the argument. When the officer approaches the pair, the man clearly thinks that he has done nothing wrong.

“Do you live in the neighborhood!” He shouts at her again. When the cop pushes back on him, telling him to go home, he is clearly bothered, he tells the officer “Ask her, ask her.”

“I don’t care where she lives. It’s none of my business where she lives,” the cop shouts, walking the man back.

And then it gets really interesting, the man is still confused as to why he is being viewed as the threat in this situation, and as he is being walked to his home he turns to go back toward Judge’Mayo.

“Sir, you go back down there. I’m going to lock you up. Go home,” the officer says.

“F*cking animals. Animals!” the man yells in return.

Like so many other incidents caught on camera this summer, there are times when the level of aggression displayed makes you fear for Judge’Mayo’s safety. But Thankfully the officer de-escalated the situation.




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