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Minneapolis Thurman Blevins Protest White Woman Punched Sign Snatched

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During a protest rally for the police-related shooting death of Black man Thurman Blevins in Minneapolis, a white woman decided it was going to be her day to be placed on the fade administration list. The woman, who complained about the gathering crowd at the downtown event, walked up to one young woman, snatched her protest sign, and caught a vicious two-piece with the biscuit.

Fox 9 reports:

After listening to some speakers outside the Hennepin County Government Center, the crowd began to follow the light rail tracks, causing delays for the Green and Blue Lines as well as some bus routes. Metro Transit officials are telling people to expect delays.

During the march, a woman saying, “I just want to go home” tried walking through a group of protesters, but then things got heated. The woman grabbed at one of the protesters’ signs and the protester responded with two punches – one hitting the woman near her shoulder and the other hitting her in the arms. The scuffle was quickly broken up and the woman was seen speaking with police. A spokesman for Minneapolis police says no formal complaint was made about the incident and no arrests were made during the protest.

Via the video of the incident, the woman walked off with her pride obviously shattered after catching the fade but turned on the waterworks once the cops showed up to intervene.

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