Rickey Smiley Explains Why It’s So Important To Get Educated About Politics Now More Than Ever [EXCLUSIVE]


Rickey Smiley is speaking about the importance of voting. For years people died and fought so that we can exercise our right to vote. All elections matter and you can’t complain about everything if you don’t vote.

Rickey also spoke about how Donald Trump committed treason when he met with Vladamir Putin privately without any of his cabinet members. He mentioned that if Barack Obama would’ve pulled the same stunt they would be trying to impeach him right now. Rickey didn’t like the fact that Trump basically accepted what Russia did during the elections.

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He wants everyone to get educated on voting and how it effects us all. Rickey is sick of what’s happening in this country and is hoping for change. During mid-term elections and every other election make sure you go out and vote.

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