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Special K is back and talking about what people really want to say about certain things. Sometimes we end up in situations where we really don’t say what we mean to not hurt someone’s feelings or sound rude. One example he gave is when a man says he left his phone in the car while working out, but really meaning he was smashing his side piece.

Sometimes a woman will say I can’t come over because I need my breaks fix and what she’s really saying is you need to pay for it. When a woman says I don’t normally do this usually means that she always does this. Never trust someone that tells you they will pay you back when they get paid and then says why you sweating me for $40 bucks.

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Special K also said when a woman says she needs to rollback it normally means she tired of hoeing after 10 years. Another funny one was a man paying for a meal and telling his girl to pay for it even though he knew he only had $7 in his account.

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