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Donte DiVincenzo n-word tweet

Source: TMZ/Twitter / Twitter/TMZ

Last night Villanova took home their second NCAA Championship in three years thanks mostly to Donte DiVincenzo’s 31 points off the bench. Knowing his name was about to be all over town the 21-year-old began to delete thousands of old tweets that he knew could come back to haunt him, especially one with the N-word.

Unfortunately for him the more he balled throughout the game the more people became curious about who he was and someone ran across a tweet from 2011 in which the NCAA tournament’s reigning Most Outstanding Player wrote “Ballin on these n*ggas like I’m derrick rose!”

Not exactly a good look for a white dude who plays around mostly Black guys.

TMZ is reporting that though the line actually came from a Meek Mill cut that dropped a week before, people weren’t too happy about his loose use of the word (even Eminem never comfortably crossed over into that territory).

After the game Donte was asked about the tweet and while he confirmed it was his account he said he didn’t recall posting that tweet.

“It’s my account, yes … but I never remember doing that.”

Villanova tried to cover up for the kid like Republicans do for Donald Trump and tried to write it off as DiVincenzo being the victim of a hack, but eventually backtracked on that theory.

As of now all of the tweets on DD’s account have been deleted.

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