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Kenya Moore returns in tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but first, we start with Porsha and Ricky Smiley. The two of them are spending quality time together at a skating rink and teasing us with this whole should they be a couple or should they not-thing. They have amazing chemistry, and they’ve talked about this before, but they claim they just keep it cute and friendly…

For now. They claim they don’t want to take their relationship to the next level because they work together and that could get messy.


But with all the camera time they keep getting together, they could be headed in that direction.

Todd and Kandi address their thoughts on Uber-gate. In case you didn’t know, Nene was kicked of the Xscape tour after telling a heckler that she hopes they get raped by their Uber driver. Nene was devastated that she said what she said (because she is a survivor herself), and about the repercussions, but she wasn’t thinking about what she was saying in the moment because she was annoyed. Nene seems apologetic and definitely had a lot of tearful moments all up and through social media, and even on this show. Kandi and Todd say they aren’t even mad at Nene because comedians often say controversial things and Todd even brought up a good point, which is that the president says way worse. Kandi said she would have kept Nene on board.  However, it was the business manager in that situation who made the call because…money moves. Investors call the shots.

There was no love lost between Kandi and Nene, though. Nene says this was a lesson learned about how hard comedy can be, especially when it comes to dealing with hecklers, and she’s even going to mentor her youngest son, who expressed interest in becoming a comedian too.

Finally, remember the PSA that Kenya and crew shot for domestic violence? Welp, Kenya got enough footage to make it a 30-minute special so she decided to have an event to show the PSA and she’s inviting domestic abuse survivors to view the video, but to also get a day of pampering beforehand.

Now we’re at Kenya’s PSA debut event. The gang’s all present, and then…

Drum roll, please.

Kenya’s husband, Marc Daly surprises her. He is real and spectacular, but you know she still got the side eye from some people in the crew. Sheree, of all people, had the nerve to make a comment that Marc having a nose ring was dainty. Meanwhile, the fact that she has a #prisonbae leaves her wide open for jokes and commentary, but whatever.


But Nene actually had something nice to say. She said that Kenya seems like she’s really in love. So it wasn’t all shady.

And that’s a wrap for tonight’s episode.

Hopefully, next week’s season finale will a bit more gusto.


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