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A firefighter in Kansas won’t be able to put out a burning blaze over his horrific comment and behavior toward a young child in a Hooters restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas. This “first responder” actually had the balls to refer to a preschool-age child as the N-word and then spit on him on Monday night.

Please believe that we have sounded the alarm on this racist assault!

One witness detailed the man’s racist poison to KCTV5 News.

“He basically said get that little ‘blank’ up off the floor,” the witness recounted. “The n-word started to get thrown around.”

The comments left the witness speechless initially, but we and other folks likely have a lot to say about this incident, which prompted Overland Park police to the scene. The child had wandered away from his family during a birthday party inside the restaurant before a relative found him. When the two were reunited, the firefighter then used the evil racial slur and spat at the child. Oh heck no!

For some, his words and actions were fighting words and actions, but somehow, a physical confrontation didn’t happen. But these types of offensive situations usually set folks into formation in the fight against racist hate.

The firefighter later told police that he was a first responder as if that would somehow excuse what he did to that child.

“I didn’t catch what the officer said to him, but his immediate response was ‘It’s ok, I’m a fireman,’ like that was supposed to blanket cover everything for him,” the witness explained.

Now we have to mention that there were several witnesses at the restaurant. Thus, there are several people who can speak up and say what this firefighter did was dead wrong. We hope they have and will continue to do so.

The man is facing charges for battery and making a criminal threat, but we will see if justice prevails. The man will likely be dragged and dragged as folks wait for a decision on charges. Yes, we gotta call out racist wrongdoing.

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