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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta revolves mostly around Cynthia and Porsha doing charity work in Houston for Hurricane Harvey Relief for a weekend. Porsha and her sister have plans to feed the homeless and to have an event geared toward relief via her grandfather’s community building organization. Cynthia is having a major event as well because Houston is close to her heart. Her sister has lived in Houston for years, her mom lived in Houston and her daughter was born there.

Both women would like the entire group to put their differences aside and come together in Houston, but that’s just not going to happen. Kandi has been so busy with work and touring with Xscape that she just wants to spend some time with her family, and she definitely doesn’t want to be around Porsha, but she did donate a hefty sum of money to relief efforts. Sheree won’t be able to go due to doctor’s orders, remember, she hurt her back in that car accident. Kenya has to be in Los Angeles for work, and Nene and Kim are concerned with Nene and Kim, so there’s that.

This all sounds like it might be drama free, but it’s coming. Cynthia is having her event on Fri, and Porsha is having two events, feeding the needy on Friday and then a gala on Sat. Cynthia says she will support Porsha whenever she can and vice versa.

Now we’re in Houston, and we find Porsha, Lauren, Cynthia and Malorie (Cynthia’s sister) feeding people in need. Obviously, Cynthia makes it to Porsha’s first event, and even Shamea shows up. It’s awkward at first, but she and Porsha keep it cute and cordial for the sake of the greater good. However, for some reason, Porsha thinks Shamea owes her an apology.


Anyway, Cynthia and Porsha actually manage to get through the weekend. Cynthia even says their time in Houston is allowing her to see a different side of Porsha, but Kenya’s unexpected arrival changes the energy.

Hold that thought. Back in Atlanta, Kandi is celebrating Riley’s 15th birthday and the fact that she got her learning permit. Riley’s practice driving session starts off well until Block, Riley’s father calls Kandi to wish his daughter a happy birthday. He tells Riley that he wants to take her out for her birthday, but things get extra heartbreaking when Riley bursts into tears after the call. Kandi un-mics so she can talk to her daughter so we don’t hear that conversation. In the end, it turned out that Riley felt blindsided by the call and would like to be prepared to talk to him. Plus, she really doesn’t trust that he’s going to do what he needs to do to establish a relationship with her. Later on, Kandi meets up with Riley’s father because she feels like if they have a better relationship then Riley will be more open to seeing him. The plan of action is for them to go to therapy and Block actually seems down with it.


Back in Houston, Kenya manages to squeeze in some time to come down. She surprises the group and even organizes her own charity work with Habitat for Humanity. Here’s where some of the tension starts coming in. Now we’re on Saturday, the day of Porsha’s gala, but also the same day that Kenya will be doing work with Habitat for Humanity. Cynthia informs Porsha that she will be going to work with Kenya and will try to make her event and Porsha feels slighted like Cynthia is a flat-leaver. Cynthia doesn’t end up making Porsha’s event and Porsha is disappointed but keeps it moving. Porsha even sends Shamea to help them as an olive branch, but Shamea isn’t feeling Kenya’s attitude toward her.

The group gets back together for dinner before concluding their time in Houston. The only person missing at the moment is Kenya. Lauren uses this as the opportunity to tell Cynthia that they were disappointed that she didn’t come to their event. Cynthia reminds them that she was there for Porsha’s event on Friday. Plus, it’s not like they didn’t know there was overlap. Porsha then makes a joke (but she’s really serious) about how Cynthia went running to Kenya as soon as she arrived. Shamea then reveals that she felt Kenya was acting shady toward her and of course, Kenya walks into the restaurant to join them. Shamea mentions this to Kenya and it gets really awkward. Basically, Kenya is super rude to Shamea, who is not being shady at all in expressing her feelings, and then gets snippy and starts gaslighting Shamea to make it seem like she’s the one causing the drama.


Porsha jumps in and attempts to mediate and Kenya gets snippy with her too. Cynthia then tries and Kenya is just annoying and tone deaf. She says she’s not here for negativity, even though she’s the one who’s being negative and finally gets up and goes to the bathroom to blow this out of proportion even more. She says she’s tired of whenever she tries to do something positive it becomes negative and then she goes all the way off. She says she’s tired of this group and says the whole table is stupid af. Porsha goes to check on Kenya in the bathroom, but Kenya tells the cameras to go away.

It’s really not that serious.

We end on Kenya leaving the restaurant “feeling attacked” (you know she loves playing victim) and that’s where we end right now.


Next week we finally get to finally see Eva Marcille make her RHOA debut.

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