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Georgia, Andersonville, The Confederate battle flag is still proudly flown in downtown, despite the town's notorious civil war history it still insists on calling itself a Civil War village.

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The white mother of a young Tennessee boy whose video professing of him being bullied is now defending accusations of racism.

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After the media caught wind of Kimberly Jones Facebook’s posts of her family with Confederate flags and anti-Colin Kaepernick sentiments, she went on Good Morning America to speak out against the allegations that she is a white supremacist.

“I feel like anybody who wants to take the time to ask anybody who I am or even troll through some other pictures, I mean I feel like we’re not racist,” Jones told ABC News’ T.J. Holmes. “I mean, people that know us, know us.”

She added: “[The photo] was meant to be ironic and funny and extreme,” she added. “I am genuinely, truly sorry. If i could take it back I would.”


When asked about her love for the Confederate flag, she pointed to the fact that the state she lives in as an excuse for her unwavering support.

“The mother, again, her defense, she says, ‘Hey, we’re in the South. This is Tennessee. There are Confederate flags all over the place,’” Holmes said.

She also stressed: “If they want to hate me and whatever, that’s fine, but still talk to your kids,” Jones added. “Because [bullying] is an epidemic.”
This is true, but let’s also be clear that there are rumblings that Keaton may have called students of color the n-words and perhaps that was behind his so-called bullying. That has yet to confirmed.
As we previously reported, numerous GoFund Me pages in Keaton’s honor have been halted by the crowd-sourcing

In less than a week’s time, the GoFundMe account for bullied teen Keaton Jones created by Joseph Lam, raised a whopping $57,000. However, recent pictures and social media posts from the boy’s mother Kimberly Jones, have revealed her racist past—leaving many to question the entire video and her motives.


Do you believe that Keaton deserves your empathy?

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