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Love and Hip-Hop New York opens with a Remy Ma and Mariahlynn bonding moment. They record at the same studio so Remy Ma stops by Mariahlynn’s session for a kiki. Mariahlynn says it has been a dream of her to collab with Remy Ma. Remy actually thinks Mariahlynn has talent and agrees to lay down some verses. Then Remy gives her some pointers about her style. Basically, drop the cornrows and the black girl trope because it’s corny coming from her, for obvious reasons. Mariahlynn is receptive to it but then reveals that she plans to go to Doctor Miami to get some work done because she’s tired of people calling her skinny and telling her that she doesn’t have the goods like they typical hip-hop chick. Remy is just like…

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Remy tells Mariahlynn that she looks fine and that she needs to make sure she alters her body because she wants too and not because of what other people say.

Rich Dollaz is kicking it with Anais and her phone keeps blowing up. The implication is that it’s her husband because Rich Dollaz asks her what she’s going to do about her marriage. She asks him if he wants her to get a divorce. He says he can’t tell her to get a divorce seeing as how he’s not married and he doesn’t owe anyone anything (true creep logic), but he does want her to get it together and figure out if she is or if she ain’t married. However, Rich says he’s ready to tell her husband what they’ve been up to if it comes to that.


Jaquae and Sophia link up and talk for the first time since Jaquae kicked her out. It’s Jaquae’s birthday and Sophia comes bearing gifts. Before delivering the gift, Sophia tells Jaquae that she didn’t do anything to him (she was deceptive about doing the video though) and that he owes her an apology for jumping to conclusions.


Then she gives him a gift. Jaquae doesn’t accept her apology, he thinks she’s just looking for a come up (mmmmkay) and tells her to give that gift to James R because he’s done with her.

And then we get to Navarro, Anais’ manager. Remember how his girlfriend/business partner, Ashley, wasn’t feeling Anais’ behavior? That situation got settled (seemingly), but now there’s more drama brewing. Aisha, Ashley’s sister, tells Navarro to fire Ashley because she has been too stressed out lately.


Of course, he’s perturbed!

Aisha checks back in with him later on at a building naming ceremony in his honor, and he hasn’t fired her yet, of course. But Anais overheard Navarro and Aisha’s conversation with regard to that and makes sure to bring it up when Ashley shows up because she wants to start trouble (she’s actually honest about this). Ashley gets pissed for obvious reasons. Navarro is annoyed but manages to diffuse the situation for now. This is far from over.

Mariahlynn heads to Doctor Miami, but we have yet to see her results. Hopefully, she got something that is proportionate. You know how these Reality TV and IG Thotties take the plastic surgery enhancements way too far.



Sophia Body visits James R because the dog he gave her is sick. The dog ate a penny and will have to get a high-risk surgery if she has any chances of living. James R, is still talking about himself in third person, and trying as hard as he can to be Cisco lite. He also says he’s going to take care of the dog and he says she can stay with him for as long as she needs to.


Papoose is still urging Remy to get on the ball with the IVF. Remy is annoyed with him because she says he was supposed to find the doctor. Papoose is annoyed because he says she was supposed to find the doctor. They just can’t get right at the moment, but it seems more like Remy is putting it off possibly and understandably out of fear. Papoose says he’s going to let her win this one while Remy is wondering how she could possibly win if there’s still no IVF doctor.


Anyway, who else is counting down to the premiere of Love and Hip-Hop Miami?

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