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Alleged sexual assault victims continue to share their stories and talking about what happened to them. Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter is being accused of rape. According to Baller Alert, Dream singer Melissa Schuman says he raped her when she was 18.

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The alleged incident took place at his home in Santa Monica. Managers for the artists suggested that they have a date for PR purposes and that’s when it happened. Friends came to Carter’s home and they began to drink. Schuman then claimed that’s when Carter kissed her and took her in the bathroom.

Schuman mentioned that he forcibly gave her oral sex and she said, “I told him to stop, but he didn’t. So I turned off the bathroom light so I wouldn’t see anything. He kept turning the light back on because he told me he wanted to look at me.” She also claims he forced her to give him oral sex. “It was done. The one thing I had held as a virtue had been ruined. I went limp, turned my head to my left and decided I would just go to sleep now. I wanted to believe it was some sort of nightmare I was dreaming up.” She never wanted to share her story, but felt she had an obligation. Carter has yet to respond to these allegations.

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