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Central Pennsylvania, home to an iconic set of plain people, the Amish

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

Horse and buggy, life without electricity, but there are so many other things to know about the Amish.

In the 1700s the Amish migrated to the United States and settled in Pennsylvania. Although the Amish practice Christianity they still have their own rules that they live by.

In order to receive salvation the Amish choose to separate themselves from others.

To get to heaven the Amish live a strict lifestyle which include limited technology, wearing a certain style of clothing and going to church on a regular basis.


During the ages of 16-21 they are allowed to party so they can experience the outside world which is known as “rumspringa.”

After the young person experiences this they then can choose whether or not to live the Amish lifestyle or one away from it. That choice however will get you shunned from the community in which you might not be accepted to come back.

In the Amish household the man is the one to make all of the decision while the wife must stay submissive. Men normally work on the farm or carpentry and the women stay home to cook as well as raise the kids. Most of the children in the Amish community don’t have more than an 8th grade education.

Boys and girls of the Amish community are able to choose who they want to date. In certain areas they allow “bundling” which couples can sleep in the same bed fully clothed before getting married.

Something people may not know is that male Amish men must stay cleaned shaven until they are married.

The Amish are a real close community and although some people don’t understand why they choose to live like this we hope these facts help you understand.

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