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Last week, the story of a Black female doctor who was rudely shut down by Delta flight attendant when trying to help a passenger with a medical emergency went viral. People were outraged at the disrespect and lack of apology from Delta, and even started a hashtag called #WhatADoctorLooksLike to prove that white men aren’t the only ones qualified to dispense medical care.

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Well, after Dr. Tamika Cross shared her disturbing story, another Black female M.D., Dr. Ashley Denmark, says she faced similar racism when she flew on Delta recently.

Dr. Denmark says the flight attendants chose the help of two white nurses as opposed to her assistance. The doctor wrote a blog post to share her experience:

About 1 hour into our flight over the intercom, a flight attendant requested a doctor or nurse to report to front of cabin to assist a passenger. When duty calls it calls- even if you are 30,000 feet in air. Without hesitation, I got out of my seat and made my way towards the front of the cabin where I was greeted by two Caucasian women and a delta flight attendant.

I quickly asked “What’s going on?” Then I stated, “I’m a doctor. How can I help?” Immediately, I was greeted by puzzled looks from all three women. The flight attendant asked, “Are you a doctor?” to which I replied “Yes.”

My response only left a more puzzled look on the attendant’s face. She turned around and began to talk to another flight attendant. I stood there in bewilderment because someone on the plane was in need of medical assistance and no one was escorting me to the passenger in need.

Finally, one of the Caucasian passengers who came to assist spoke and stated her and the other passenger present to assist were both nurses. Then she asked, “Are you a was doctor?” to which I responded “Yes” …..again. She immediately responded “Well you need credentials to show you are a medical professional.” I gave a funny look but, remained composed and quickly quipped “I have my hospital badge which should be enough.”

At this time the flight attendant turned around to address us again. She inquired from the two nurses what field of medicine in which they worked. At this point, I had grown annoyed. I had been standing for four minutes and had yet to see the passenger needing medical assistance. I grew even more perplexed as time passed. Why was the flight attendant addressing the nurses if a doctor is present and able to assist a passenger in need of medical attention? I interrupted the flight attendant’s discussions with the two nurses and stated, “I have my hospital ID badge which shows I’m a physician.”

The Delta flight attendant continued to look puzzled then stated, “We have two nurses here who came first. You can have seat now and we will let them handle it. If we need more help we will come and find you.”

Utterly maddening. Delta has a lot of explaining — and apologizing — to do if they don’t want to keep losing customers.

SOURCE: Facebook | PHOTO: Getty

Another Black Doctor Says Delta Wouldn’t Accept Her Help To Treat Passenger  was originally published on globalgrind.com