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Almetria Turner

When one discovers their passion in life, a sense of purpose manifests and doors begin to open. Overcoming weight issues and two chronic illnesses, lifestyle and wellness coach and blogger, Almetria Turner’s amazing transformation from the inside out paved the way for her to inspire others on a national platform in learning how to become fit and finally free.

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In 2010, at the age of 36, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, struggled with hypertension for over 13 years, and had to see three different specialists for possible health-related ailments.

Being overweight her entire life, she became depressed and had reached a breaking point knowing this was not the life God intended for her to live. Having once weighed 342 lbs and wore a size 32, she vowed to lose the weight, become medication free, and developed a personal mantra to become “Fit by 40.”

“I knew everyday wasn’t going to be a good day, but each day was a new opportunity to get it right,” said Almetria. “I literally had to transform myself from the inside out because this weight loss battle was going to be toughest fight of my life. I was fighting against the old me.”

Almetria Turner

Almetria literally overhauled her diet by eating several small meals a day, meal planning and prepping her foods, exchanging simple carbs for complex carbs, reading every label and eliminating most processed foods from her pantry and fridge.

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How One Woman Became “Fit By 40” & Finally Free  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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