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Fresh off her break up with Lil Wayne, Christina Milian is back in the news; this time for her parenting skills.

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The “Dip It Low” singer posted a photo of she and her daughter Violet with Zendaya at a World AIDS Day charity event.

Seems harmless except the 5-year-old is rocking a pretty mature hair style. The long black and purple locs are as long as the child is tall and the huge twists are visibly overwhelming on the little girls frame.

The photo was inundated with thousands of comments from critics concerned with the child’s well being.

“…She’s a child. Let her be one. Why you putting all that weave in that babies hair. WEAVE ISN’T FOR BABIES LOVE. That’s why these kids growing up with no edges now. Have common sense. She too young for all that” commented 

“She can’t even hold her head up, how does she sleep?” said 

 also added, “The hair style + the length + the color = grown up hair style, not understandably that you just don’t get it!!! What happened to little girls being little girls. I’m sure it is a cute style, but not for a little girl as pretty and innocent as your daughter”

Christina went back and edited the caption with the comments: “For those of you more concerned with Violet’s hair (understandably cause you just don’t know) her hair isn’t in the twists, it’s another method used where they are tied into her corn rows” she said referring to the style known to many as “crochet braids”.

“The hair isn’t heavy. If you’ve ever grabbed a bag of afri braiding hair you know they are very light weight. But just trying new things. Violet likes it and it’s not damaging” she added.

Protective styles can most definitely be heavy when you’re not used to carrying multiple packs of hair on your head. Grown women will cut or alter these styles because the weight of the hair can make the simplest tasks of sleeping and showering nearly impossible. We could only imagine the pain and inconvenience of that much hair on a 5-year-old.

We hope someone in Tina’s family helps her to realize that she’s doing her daughter’s neck and edges a disservice for the sake of vanity.


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