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When and where does the march begin? Why?

The march will begin in Selma on August 1, and end in Washington, D.C., on September 16. The march will begin in Selma, because this is the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March, and Alabama is the state in which the Shelby v. Holder case originated.

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Why start the journey now?

The journey is taking place now not only because it is the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March, but also because we want the journey to prompt a national conversation regarding our lives, our votes, our jobs and our schools. This conversation should also be an essential part of every presidential candidate’s election platform. Finally, we need to have legislation passed to strengthen the laws in place and promote a stronger democracy built on a promise of equality for every citizen of every religion, sexual orientation, heritage and hue.

What is the platform for the journey?

“Our Lives, Our Votes, Our Jobs, and Our Schools Matter”- we march and rally to ensure federal, local, and state reform to all four major areas, with the ultimate goal to ensure more equality and protection for everyone.

What events are taking place in each state?

• Alabama: Economic Inequality & Labor Rights Rally August 3, in Montgomery

• Georgia: Education Reform Rally August 14, in Atlanta

• South Carolina: Criminal Justice Rally August 20, in Greenville

• North Carolina: Voting Rights Rally August 28, in Charlotte

• Virginia: Youth Rally September 10, in Richmond

• DC: Advocacy Day September 16, in Washington