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Clifton and Ta'shae Thompson Johnson

A Louisiana mother is currently facing two counts of homicide after her two children died in a house fire, while she left them unattended to get her hair done. Fire officials allege Ciarria Johnson, 21 left her two young children Clifton Thompson, 3, and Ta’shae Thompson Johnson, 4, at their home in Bastrop alone while she went to her hair appointment on Monday afternoon. USA Today is reporting Ciarra told investigators she made plans for a family member living near by to watch her children, but it was proven to be false. According to State Fire Marshal Deputy Chief Brant Thompson,

Our investigation determined that she made no such arrangements. That’s what is so disturbing to us. There were family members around she could have called, but she just didn’t bother.


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Thompson said the fire was reported after 3 PM,when neighbors say they saw flames engulf the single-family home. Ciarra first claimed she left her children at 1:30 PM for her hair appointment but then confessed she actually left Ta’shae and Clifton by themselves at 10 AM, with two gas space heaters running. Investigators report some flammable material which was left next to a heater in the living room ignited and started the fire. Once the fire broke out Ciarra was called home, but by the time she arrived the house was already up in flames. Ciarra was taken to Brentwood Psychiatric Hospital in Shreveport for evaluation after she threatened to harm herself.  Once released, Ciarra will be charged with two counts of negligent homicide.


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