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Classic French braids may have a stuffy reputation, but the messed-up version is our new must-do. Stylist Nathaniel Hawkins explains how to get the look.

1. Separate hair at the crown of the head into three equal sections. Take the section of hair from the left and cross it over in between the right and center sections of hair, as you would with a standard braid.

2. Use your index fingers to pick up pieces of hair below the crown from just outside the plaited area along the way (try to pick up half-inch sections of hair to keep the braid balanced) and pull them into the braid.

3. Let layers in front of your ears fall out of the braid on their own. To keep it from looking too messy, pin longer layers into the base of the braid.

4. Leave about two inches of hair unbraided and secure with an elastic. Shake the braid a bit from the tail to loosen the look and make your hair look thicker. SOURCE

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