4. Late People

Everybody and their momma’s momma knows what time church starts! Get there on time. It saves you from the hassle of trying to find a parking spot once the parking lot is full and you don’t need to try to “sneak” down the center aisle to find a seat. Plus, when that late person gets to their normal pew, they get indignant when someone is sitting in their seat. Excuse me, causing a scene at church over a seat is not Christian-like and you need to repent, but the worldly person in me dies laughing every time an incident like this happens.

5. People Who Ask For Change From The Offering

It’s one of the tackiest things you can do at church–put a five dollar bill in the collection plate and turn around and ask the usher for three dollars back. The reason I always laugh when this occurs is because well, have you seen the look the usher gives to the person asking for change? It’s always a look that says, “Negro, you lucky I’m in my good clothes in this here church cuz I would bring the whole wrath of God down on you right now!” Honestly, sometimes I hope the usher puts words to that killer look and things get out of hand. Excuse, I was being ratchet.

6. The Soloist Who Can’t Sing

There’s always one person in the choir who’s there because they want to be apart of something. Those people are usually the ones who can’t sing worth a damn. Their terrible singing will turn any congregation in a church into the audience at Richard Pryor’s “Live At the Sunset Strip.” Once you peep the video, nothing else needs to be said.

7. Church Fights

When it comes to church fights, the phrase “laugh to keep from crying” definitely rings true. While it’s always a very trashy thing to have people fighting in a house of worship, the WorldStar voyeur in you makes it so you can’t do anything but watch the circus unfold. With my twisted humor, the fights where the preacher gets punched and therefore must defend himself is the funniest because you can always see the dilemma written on the preacher’s face. Does the preacher turn the other cheek or does he act like a flawed human and clock the other person? We know what the preacher should do, but that doesn’t always happen, now does it?

Hit us up other things that made you laugh in church that you ultimately got smacked for.


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