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If you want to rob a home in Florida, you better be prepared to defend yourself. A 19-year-old almost robber caught the beatdown of his life when he tried to rob a house in Palm Bay, Florida.

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Michael Maxwell has been charged with multiple counts of battery and one count of home invasion robbery with a firearm or deadly weapon. Police arrested the young man after they were called to a home at one in the morning May 15th. Although Maxwell suffered the most, he wasn’t the only person to try to steal from the home. His 17-year-old accomplice was also taken into custody on the same charges. Although both were charged with the same crime, only Michael Maxwell was held on $51,000 bond.

According to police, a group of young men swarmed the house trying to steal any and all valuables. the men all jumped out of a 2004 gold Chevy Malibu. Although the residents of the home were outnumbered, they successfully defended their home. Michael Maxwell was kicked, punched, and struck with a stun gun during the attempted robbery. The other men ran for cover when they saw Maxwell getting the life kicked out of him.

Despite having interviewed the victims-turned-defenders, police haven’t said if the residents know any of the would be robbers. Currently the case is still being investigated.

I bet you there is nothing more embarrassing than that mugshot! Damn he really got beat the hell up!


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Residents Tase & Beat Up A Would-Be Thief [PHOTO]  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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